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      We have a huge amount of data in CVS (currently our main cvsroot is
      2GB).  Every so often it makes sense to clean some of this out .. for
      example copies of open source projects may get put in CVS while we
      produce a patch, but then forgotten about afterwards.
      In some cases it may make sense to completely destroy these files and
      directories, prehaps to save disk space on whatever drive holds the
      repository.  With CVS it's fairly easy to simply remove them from
      CVSROOT (obviously this is something you do with great care since if
      people actually have checkouts of these files it gets a bit
      confusing).  I can't see any way of achieving the same effect with SVN.
      Another use-case might be when you've just imported a large external
      project, and realised that you've made a mistake .. you've imported
      the wrong version, or whatever.
      Obviously creating per-project repositories would solve this issue,
      but it might be nice to have the 'annihilate' option.  Clearly this
      would be a 'use with great care/don't use at all it completely defeats
      the point of version control' type option, but I still think SVN might
      benefit from it's existance.

      Original issue reported by swhite


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