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Option to switch-off Java 9 modules



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      I am working on a library and I am adding support for Java 9 modules. Surefire 2.21.0 by default executes tests with Java 9 modules switched-on if it detects module-info.java While it may make sense in some cases, in my case I'd like the switch it off.

      The reason is simple. I am using Mockito to mock an interface that extends a Spring interface. Mockito has to create an implementation of this interface (proxy or subclass) and for this it needs to have access to the Spring interfaces. If Java 9 modules are enabled for the tests I have to manually add each such dependencies to Surefire configuration, which does not make much sense. To makes things worse, the interface actually extends two Spring interfaces form two different Spring modules so the configuration is almost impossible to get right.

      So far I am at ( and I am still getting IllegalAccessErrors)

      --add-exports spring.context/org.springframework.scheduling=org.mockito
      --add-exports spring.beans/org.springframework.beans.factory=org.mockito

      I would prefer to switch-off the Java 9 modules for the test module altogether (same behavior as pre 2.21.0)


      The test is here https://github.com/lukas-krecan/ShedLock/blob/java9/shedlock-spring/src/test/java/net/javacrumbs/shedlock/spring/CleanupTest.java


      If you want, I can send a pull request.


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