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Standardize exception rethrows to contain root cause



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      It would be exceptionally helpful if the Struts project were to standardize
      throughout development that all caught exceptions that are to be re-thrown
      should contain the root cause unless a clearly stated, specific reason exists to
      not do so.

      For example, in org.apache.struts.taglib.tiles.InsertTag on any Exception within
      doEngTag(), the following occurs:

      catch (ServletException e) {
      Throwable cause = e;
      if (e.getRootCause() != null)

      { cause = e.getRootCause(); }

      String msg = "ServletException in '" + page + "': " + cause.getMessage();
      log.error(msg, e);
      throw new JspException(msg);

      It would be rather simple to do the following for the last line:

      throw new JspException(msg, e);

      While the root exception message is logged, this information is not available to
      an upper-level application layer. For example, if a custom SecurityException is
      thrown on a JSP or Tag, important information may be lost in the propogation of
      this exception.

      I have looked within the 1.2.6 beta codebase (as of today, 25 April 2005) and
      the approach remains the same.

      Note: I did not choose the "Tiles Framework" for this report's Component
      purposefully. In my opinion, it should be a standard coding procedure across
      Struts, and possibly other Jakarta projects.


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