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Cannot use rebuilt struts-blank example; message-resource param in struts-config.xml is wrong.



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      I downloaded and installed Tomcat 5.5.4.
      I downloaded struts 1.2.4, and dropped the .war files in Tomcat's webapps dir.
      I went to "http://localhost:8080/struts-blank" and got the welcome message.
      All is well so far.

      Now I opened a DOS window, went to "<Tomcat-webapps-dir>/struts-blank/WEB-
      INF/src", and ran "ant all" (using ant 1.6.1). (I added a dummy Java
      interface class file in a dummy package to make the javadoc build target
      complete – it won't without any java files.) This generates a new .war file
      in "c:/projects/lib" called "blank.war". I took that .war file and dropped it
      into Tomcat's webapps dir.
      Then I went to "http://localhost:8080/blank" but now I got an error
      complaining about missing resources (welcome.title).

      After some searching, I found the problem. The "struts-config.xml" file that
      comes within the "struts-blank.war" of the struts 1.2.4 distribution has the
      following line:

      <message-resources parameter="MessageResources" />

      Indeed, in the "struts-blank.war" file, the resource file is
      called "MessageResources.properties", but in the "WEB-INF/classes/resources"
      directory, the file there is called "application.properties".

      Changing this line in "struts-blank.war" to:

      <message-resources parameter="resources.application" />

      and rebuilding the .war file and installing it again into Tomcat did the
      trick. The welcome message appears again.

      Expected behaviour is, of course, that a rebuild works (perhaps even without
      having any java files to javadoc) and produces a correct configured .war file
      that can be deployed and run successfully.




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