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Bottleneck in ActionServlet



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      The struts ActionServlet has a performance/scalability bottleneck. Every
      request calls the synchronized method getRequestProcessor( ModuleConfig config
      ), which does a lazy instantiation of the RequestProcessor for this module.
      This puts an overhead on each request to the module; an overhead which is really
      only necessary for the first request.

      When there are are large number of concurrent requests, they spend most of their
      time queuing for this function. I'll give that statement some figures:

      I'm running a test with Tomcat, a nothing-special action , and 400 concurrent
      threads. I run a single request to check that everything along the chain has
      been initialised, start a profiler, and then hit the server with 400 requests,
      running in a continuous loop. With the current 1.1 release it spends ~60% of
      its time in the ActionServlet.process(...) method, queuing on
      getRequestProcessor. A patched version with the same test-run spends a
      negligible amount of time in the process(...) method (<.01%).

      I will attach a patch to this bug. You guys will probably have a better
      solution to the problem, but it's working well for me, and at least illustrates
      what I'm getting at. I look forward to your thoughts...




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