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Race Condition in CachedThreadStatesGaugeSet registered at SystemBolt




      We noticed that with the change in https://github.com/apache/storm/pull/3242, there is a race condition causing NPE.

      2020-04-14 18:22:12.997 o.a.s.u.Utils Thread-17-__acker-executor[16, 16] [ERROR] Async loop died!
      java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NullPointerException
       at org.apache.storm.executor.Executor.accept(Executor.java:291) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.utils.JCQueue.consumeImpl(JCQueue.java:131) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.utils.JCQueue.consume(JCQueue.java:111) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.executor.bolt.BoltExecutor$1.call(BoltExecutor.java:172) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.executor.bolt.BoltExecutor$1.call(BoltExecutor.java:159) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.utils.Utils$1.run(Utils.java:434) [storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [?:1.8.0_242]
      Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
       at com.codahale.metrics.jvm.ThreadStatesGaugeSet.getThreadCount(ThreadStatesGaugeSet.java:95) ~[metrics-jvm-3.2.6.jar:3.2.6]
       at com.codahale.metrics.jvm.ThreadStatesGaugeSet.access$000(ThreadStatesGaugeSet.java:20) ~[metrics-jvm-3.2.6.jar:3.2.6]
       at com.codahale.metrics.jvm.ThreadStatesGaugeSet$1.getValue(ThreadStatesGaugeSet.java:56) ~[metrics-jvm-3.2.6.jar:3.2.6]
       at org.apache.storm.executor.Executor.addV2Metrics(Executor.java:344) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.executor.Executor.metricsTick(Executor.java:320) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.executor.bolt.BoltExecutor.tupleActionFn(BoltExecutor.java:218) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       at org.apache.storm.executor.Executor.accept(Executor.java:287) ~[storm-client-2.2.0.y.jar:2.2.0.y]
       ... 6 more

      This is due to a race condition in CachedGauge https://github.com/dropwizard/metrics/blob/v3.2.6/metrics-core/src/main/java/com/codahale/metrics/CachedGauge.java#L49-L53

      There are two issues here.
      The first one is STORM-3623.
      This makes all the executors to get values for all the metrics. So multiple threads will access the same metric.

      So the threads gauges are now accessed by multiple threads. But in CachedGauge,

          public T getValue() {
              if (shouldLoad()) {
                  this.value = loadValue();
              return value;

      this method is not thread-safe. Two threads can reach to getValue at the same time.
      The first thread reaching shouldLoad knows it needs to reload, so it calls the next line this.value=loadValue()
      The second thread is a little bit late so shouldLoad returns false. Then it returns the value directly.

      There is a race condition between first thread calling loadValue() and the second thread returning value.

      If the first thread finishes loadValue() first, both values returned to the threads are the same value (and current value). But if the second thread returns earlier, the second thread gets the original value (which is null ), hence NPE.

      To summarize, the second issue is CachedThreadStatesGaugeSet is not thread-safe

      To fix this NPE, we should avoid using CachedThreadStatesGaugeSet.

      But we still need to fix STORM-3623 to avoid unnecessary computations and redundant metrics.


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