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IllegalStateException: Unknown prefix {prefix}



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      The Entityhub thows an Exeption statnig that an prefix is not unknown by the SolrYard.

      org.apache.stanbol.enhancer.jobmanager.event.impl.EventJobManagerImpl java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unknown prefix dbp-prop (parsed from field dbp-prop:caption)!
      at org.apache.stanbol.entityhub.yard.solr.impl.SolrFieldMapper.getFullFieldName(SolrFieldMapper.java:611)
      at org.apache.stanbol.entityhub.yard.solr.impl.SolrFieldMapper.parseIndexField(SolrFieldMapper.java:289)
      at org.apache.stanbol.entityhub.yard.solr.impl.SolrFieldMapper.getField(SolrFieldMapper.java:179)
      at org.apache.stanbol.entityhub.yard.solr.impl.SolrYard.createRepresentation(SolrYard.java:894)

      This can happen after a bigger version of an Index "

      {index-name}.solrindex.zip" is copied to the "{stanbol-dir}/sling/datafiles" directory. Typically this happens if Users try to upgrade from the defauld DBpedia index shiped with the Stanbol launcher to a bigger one.

      This is caused by the SolrYard caching the namespace prefixes used by the SolrIndex. Such cached prefiexs are not correctly updated if the solr index is upgrated. So if the new indexes uses additional prefixes the above Exeption is thorwn.

      Note: If the affected SolrYard is stopped than it will store the faulty namespace prefix configuration to the SolrYard. This means that the Problem will persist even after a restart.

      To resolve the problem:

      1. delete the data of the affected SolrCore (directory {stanbol-dir}/sling/indexes/default/index-name
      2. Restart stanbol. This will cause the SolrCore to be reinitialised based on the "{index-name}

      .solrindex.zip" in the "


      To workaround this problem:

      1. shutdown Stanbol (or stop the SolrYard for the index you are about to upgrade)
      2. copy the "{index-name}.solrindex.zip" to "{stanbol-dir}

      3. restart Stanbol




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