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sqoop export from Hive table stored in Parquet format to Oracle CLOB column results in (null)


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.6
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      I am trying to export a String column from Hive table (stored in Parquet format) to Oracle CLOB data type column using sqoop export. Below are the commands I run for creation of tables in Oracle & Hive and, the sqoop command I use to to export the data.

      Table creation & insert into Hive:
      create table default.sqoop_oracle_clob_test (sample_id int, verylargestring String) stored as PARQUET;

      insert into default.sqoop_oracle_clob_test (sample_id, verylargestring) values (123, "Really a very large String");
      insert into default.sqoop_oracle_clob_test (sample_id, verylargestring) values (456, "Another very large String");

      Table creation in Oracle
      create table sqoop_exported_oracle (sample_id NUMBER, verylargestring CLOB);

      Sqoop export command:
      sqoop \
      export \
      --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@//host:port/database_name \
      --username ****** \
      --password ****** \
      --table sqoop_exported_oracle \
      --map-column-java "VERYLARGESTRING=String" \
      --hcatalog-table "sqoop_oracle_clob_test" \
      --hcatalog-database "default"

      sqoop job executes fine without any error messages and displays the message Exported 2 records.

      The result in Oracle table is as below,

      select * from sqoop_exported_oracle;

      sample_id | verylargestring
      123 | (null)
      456 | (null)

      I tried using --staging-table as well but, resulted in same. I suspect this is a bug while exporting to oracle CLOB columns when retrieving from Hive which is stored in parquet format.




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