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Support for hive dynamic partitions with SQOOP import



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      Currently in order to populate hive table dynamic partitions using Sqoop import we need to perform the following steps.
      1. Need to analyze the db table and identify the distinct values to be partitioned column
      2. If there are n distinct values for the column then we need to create n different SQOOP import commands, each having the corresponding where clause to pick the specific data corresponding to the value along with --hive-partition-key <key-name/column name> and --hive-partition-value <value-string/column value>.
      This approach becomes a bottle neck in case of larger tables that spawns millions of rows. Such tables should be partitioned in hive and there could at lest 300 to 500 partitions, ie 300 to 500 Sqoop imports.
      We are currently overcoming this hurdle by the following tweak
      1. Sqoop import the whole db table into a non partitioned hive table
      2. Manually create a partition based hive table
      3. Use hive QL to parse the data from non partitioned hive table to the corresponding partitions in the partitioned hive table.

      Expecting some parameters in SQOOP import to execute the following within SQOOP itself.


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