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Sqoop2: SQ_CONFIGURABLE ( for entities who own configs)



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      SQ_CONNECTOR -> will be now call SQ_CONFIGURABLE ( it is basically a table to hold entities that will specify configs)

      Add another field to it, that is CONFIGURABLE_TYPE ( it can be connector or driver at this point ). we can have a standard id for Driver that we will use in the SQOOP, having nulls to represent things is not clean since "none/null" can mean different things at different contexts

      Most importantly, not to have NULLs representing one too many things!!


      Also propose to split up the SQ_FORM ( which is the SQ_CONFIG after 1498) to SQ_JOB_CONFIG and SQ_LINK_CONFIG ( it will parallel the SQ_JOB_INPUT and SQ_LINK_INPUT)

      Direction is only relevant to job config ( and henceforth the job inputs). So we will store the DIRECTION field in JOB_CONFIG.

      If we want to have SQ_CONFIG, we can have it with the SQ_CFG_TYPE and then it will have FK on the SQ_CONFIGURABLE, so we know which entity owns this config easily.

      We can then have SQ_JOB_CONFIG and SQ_LINK_CONFIG have a FK on SQ_CONFIG.

      Alternatively, dont have SQ_CONFIG, and just have SQ_JOB_CONFIG and SQ_LINK_CONFIG and have a FK directly to SQ_CONFIGURABLE, both will have the CONFIG_NAME and INDEX fields.


      MIsc cleanup/ renames / documentation of the repository schema query names for clarity and consistency. Especially the create schema / upgrade schema and then CRUD queries are groupes apts.


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