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start-all script not working properly on Standalone HA cluster (with Zookeeper)




      I have configured a Standalone HA cluster with Zookeeper with:

      • 3 Zookeeper nodes
      • 2 Spark master nodes (1 alive and 1 in standby mode)
      • 2 Spark slave nodes

      While executing start-all.sh on each master, it will start the master and start a worker on each configured slave.
      If alive master goes down, those worker are supposed to reconfigure themselves to use the new active master automatically.

      I have noticed that the spark-env property SPARK_MASTER_IP is used in both called scripts, start-master and start-slaves.

      The problem is that if you configure SPARK_MASTER_IP with the active master ip, when it goes down, workers don't reassign themselves to the new active master.
      And if you configure SPARK_MASTER_IP with the masters cluster route (well, an approximation, because you have to write master's port in all-but-last ips, that is "master1:7077,master2", in order to make it work), slaves start properly but master doesn't.

      So, the start-master script needs SPARK_MASTER_IP property to contain its ip in order to start master properly; and start-slaves script needs SPARK_MASTER_IP property to contain the masters cluster ips (that is "master1:7077,master2")

      To test that idea, I have modified start-slaves and spark-env scripts on master nodes.
      On spark-env.sh, I have set SPARK_MASTER_IP property to master's own ip on each master node (that is, on master node 1, SPARK_MASTER_IP=master1; and on master node 2, SPARK_MASTER_IP=master2)
      On spark-env.sh, I have added a new property SPARK_MASTER_CLUSTER_IP with the pseudo-masters-cluster-ips (SPARK_MASTER_CLUSTER_IP=master1:7077,master2) on both masters.
      On start-slaves.sh, I have modified all references to SPARK_MASTER_IP to SPARK_MASTER_CLUSTER_IP.
      I have tried that and it works great! When active master node goes down, all workers reassign themselves to the new active node.

      Maybe there is a better fix for this issue.
      Hope this quick-fix idea can help.


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