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Unsigned integer types are deserialized as signed numeric equivalents




      I'm not sure if "bug" is the correct tag for this jira, but i've tagged it like that for now since the behavior seems odd, happy to update to "improvement" or something else based on the conversation!


      Protobuf supports unsigned integer types, including `uint32` and `uint64`. When deserializing protobuf values with fields of these types, uint32 is converted to `IntegerType` and uint64 is converted to `LongType` in the resulting spark struct. `IntegerType` and `LongType` are signed integer types, so this can lead to confusing results.

      Namely, if a uint32 value in a stored proto is above 2^31 or a uint64 value is above 2^63, their representation in binary will contain a 1 in the highest bit, which when interpreted as a signed integer will come out as negative (I.e. overflow).

      I propose that we deserialize unsigned integer types into a type that can contain them correctly, e.g.
      uint32 => `LongType`
      uint64 => `Decimal(20, 0)`

      Backwards Compatibility / Default Behavior

      Should we maintain backwards compatibility and we add an option that allows deserializing these types differently? Or should we change change the default behavior (with an option to go back to the old way)?

      I think by default it makes more sense to deserialize them as the larger types so that it's semantically more correct. However, there may be existing users of this library that would be affected by this behavior change. Though, maybe we can justify the change since the function is tagged as `Experimental` (and spark 3.4.0 was only released very recently).


      I believe that unsigned integer types in parquet are deserialized in a similar manner, i.e. put into a larger type so that the unsigned representation natively fits. https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SPARK-34817 and https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/31921




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