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Support IV and AAD optional parameters for aes_encrypt / ExpressionImplUtil



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      There are some use cases where callers to aes_encrypt may want to provide initialization vectors (IVs) or additional authenticated data (AAD). The most common cases will be:
      1. Ensuring that ciphertext matches values that have been encrypted by external tools. In those cases, the caller will need to provide an identical IV value.
      2. For AES-CBC mode, there are some cases where callers want to generate deterministic encrypted output.
      3. For AES-GCM mode, providing AAD fields allows callers to bind additional data to an encrypted ciphertext so that it can only be decrypted by a caller providing the same value. This is often used to enforce some context.

      The proposed new API is the following:

      • aes_encrypt(expr, key [, mode [, padding [, iv [, aad]]]])
      • aes_decrypt(expr, key [, mode [, padding [, aad]]])

      These fields are only supported for specific modes:

      • ECB: Does not support either IV or AAD and will return an error if either are provided.
      • CBC: Only supports an IV and will return an error if an AAD is provided
      • GCM: Supports either IV, AAD, or both.

      If a caller is only providing an AAD to GCM mode, they would need to pass a null value in the IV field.




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