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      normally, we name the fields after the corresponding LogiclalPlan or DataFrame API, but they are not consistent in protos, for example, the column name:

        message UnresolvedRegex {
          // (Required) The column name used to extract column with regex.
          string col_name = 1;
        message Alias {
          // (Required) The expression that alias will be added on.
          Expression expr = 1;
          // (Required) a list of name parts for the alias.
          // Scalar columns only has one name that presents.
          repeated string name = 2;
          // (Optional) Alias metadata expressed as a JSON map.
          optional string metadata = 3;
      // Relation of type [[Deduplicate]] which have duplicate rows removed, could consider either only
      // the subset of columns or all the columns.
      message Deduplicate {
        // (Required) Input relation for a Deduplicate.
        Relation input = 1;
        // (Optional) Deduplicate based on a list of column names.
        // This field does not co-use with `all_columns_as_keys`.
        repeated string column_names = 2;
        // (Optional) Deduplicate based on all the columns of the input relation.
        // This field does not co-use with `column_names`.
        optional bool all_columns_as_keys = 3;
      // Computes basic statistics for numeric and string columns, including count, mean, stddev, min,
      // and max. If no columns are given, this function computes statistics for all numerical or
      // string columns.
      message StatDescribe {
        // (Required) The input relation.
        Relation input = 1;
        // (Optional) Columns to compute statistics on.
        repeated string cols = 2;

      we probably should unify the naming:

      single column -> `column`

      multi columns -> `columns`




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