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Introduce new Option in Kafka source to specify minimum number of records to read per trigger



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      Kafka source currently provides options to set the maximum number of offsets to read per trigger.

      I will like to introduce a new option to specify the minimum number of offsets to read per trigger i.e. minOffsetsPerTrigger.

      This new option will allow skipping trigger/batch when the number of records available in Kafka is low. This is a very useful feature in cases where we have a sudden burst of data at certain intervals in a day and data volume is low for the rest of the day. Tunning such jobs is difficult as decreasing trigger processing time increasing the number of batches and hence cluster resource usage and adds to small file issues. Increasing trigger processing time adds consumer lag. This will save cluster resources and also help solve small file issues as it is running lesser batches.
      Along with this, I would like to introduce 'maxTriggerDelay' option which will help to avoid cases of infinite delay in scheduling trigger and the trigger will happen irrespective of records available if the maxTriggerDelay time exceeds the last trigger. It would be an optional parameter with a default value of 15 mins. This option will be only applicable if minOffsetsPerTrigger is set.

      minOffsetsPerTrigger option would be optional of course, but once specified it would take precedence over maxOffestsPerTrigger which will be honored only after minOffsetsPerTrigger is satisfied.





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