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Support configurable Avro schema field matching for positional or by-name



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      When reading an Avro dataset (using the dataset's schema or by overriding it with 'avroSchema') or writing an Avro dataset with a provided schema by 'avroSchema', currently the matching of Catalyst-to-Avro fields is done by field name.

      This behavior is somewhat recent; prior to SPARK-27762 (fixed in 3.0.0), at least on the write path, we would match the schemas by positionally ("structural" comparison). While I agree that this is much more sensible for default behavior, I propose that we make this behavior configurable using an option for the Avro datasource. Even at the time that SPARK-27762 was handled, there was interest in making this behavior configurable, but it appears it went unaddressed.

      There is precedence for configurability of this behavior as seen in SPARK-32864, which added this support for ORC. Besides this precedence, the behavior of Hive is to perform matching positionally (ref), so this is behavior that Hadoop/Hive ecosystem users are familiar with:

      Hive is very forgiving about types: it will attempt to store whatever value matches the provided column in the equivalent column position in the new table. No matching is done on column names, for instance.


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