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-0.0 vs 0.0 is inconsistent

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    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 3.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 3.0.2, 3.1.0
    • Component/s: SQL
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      This is related to SPARK-26021 where some things were fixed but there is still a lot that is not consistent.

      When parsing SQL -0.0 is turned into 0.0. This can produce quick results that appear to be correct but are totally inconsistent for the same operators.

      scala> import spark.implicits._
      import spark.implicits._
      scala> spark.sql("SELECT 0.0 = -0.0").collect
      res0: Array[org.apache.spark.sql.Row] = Array([true])
      scala> Seq((0.0, -0.0)).toDF("a", "b").selectExpr("a = b").collect
      res1: Array[org.apache.spark.sql.Row] = Array([false])

      This also shows up in sorts

      scala> Seq((0.0, -100.0), (-0.0, 100.0), (0.0, 100.0), (-0.0, -100.0)).toDF("a", "b").orderBy("a", "b").collect
      res2: Array[org.apache.spark.sql.Row] = Array([-0.0,-100.0], [-0.0,100.0], [0.0,-100.0], [0.0,100.0])

      But not for a equi-join or for an aggregate

      scala> Seq((0.0, -0.0)).toDF("a", "b").join(Seq((-0.0, 0.0)).toDF("r_a", "r_b"), $"a" === $"r_a").collect
      res3: Array[org.apache.spark.sql.Row] = Array([0.0,-0.0,-0.0,0.0])
      scala> Seq((0.0, 1.0), (-0.0, 1.0)).toDF("a", "b").groupBy("a").count.collect
      res6: Array[org.apache.spark.sql.Row] = Array([0.0,2])

      This can lead to some very odd results. Like an equi-join with a filter that logically should do nothing, but ends up filtering the result to nothing.

      scala> Seq((0.0, -0.0)).toDF("a", "b").join(Seq((-0.0, 0.0)).toDF("r_a", "r_b"), $"a" === $"r_a" && $"a" <= $"r_a").collect
      res8: Array[org.apache.spark.sql.Row] = Array()
      scala> Seq((0.0, -0.0)).toDF("a", "b").join(Seq((-0.0, 0.0)).toDF("r_a", "r_b"), $"a" === $"r_a").collect
      res9: Array[org.apache.spark.sql.Row] = Array([0.0,-0.0,-0.0,0.0])

      Hive never normalizes -0.0 to 0.0 so this results in non-ieee complaint behavior everywhere, but at least it is consistently odd.

      MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, and SQLite all appear to normalize the -0.0 to 0.0.

      The root cause of this appears to be that the java implementation of Double.compare and Float.compare for open JDK places -0.0 < 0.0.

      This is not documented in the java docs but it is clearly documented in the code, so it is not a "bug" that java is going to fix.


      It is also consistent with what is in the java docs for Double.equals

      To be clear I am filing this mostly to document the current state rather than to think it needs to be fixed ASAP. It is a rare corner case, but ended up being really frustrating for me to debug what was happening.




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