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Different results of query execution with wholestage codegen on and off



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      Preface: I'm creating Kotlin API for spark to take best parts from three worlds — spark scala, spark java and kotlin.

      What is nice — it works in most scenarios.

      But i've hit following cornercase:

      withSpark(props = mapOf("spark.sql.codegen.wholeStage" to true)) {
          dsOf(1, null, 2)
                  .map { c(it) }

      c(it) is creation of unnamed tuple

      It fails with exception

      java.lang.NullPointerException: Null value appeared in non-nullable field:
      top level Product or row object
      If the schema is inferred from a Scala tuple/case class, or a Java bean, please try to use scala.Option[_] or other nullable types (e.g. java.lang.Integer instead of int/scala.Int).
      	at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.GeneratedClass$GeneratedIteratorForCodegenStage1.serializefromobject_doConsume_0$(Unknown Source)
      	at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.GeneratedClass$GeneratedIteratorForCodegenStage1.mapelements_doConsume_0$(Unknown Source)
      	at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.GeneratedClass$GeneratedIteratorForCodegenStage1.deserializetoobject_doConsume_0$(Unknown Source)
      	at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.expressions.GeneratedClass$GeneratedIteratorForCodegenStage1.processNext(Unknown Source)

      I know, in Scala it won't work, so I could stop here. But it works in Kotlin if I turn wholestage codegen off!

      Moreover, if we will dig into generated code (when wholestage codegen is on), we'll see that basically flow is following:
      If one of elements in source dataset was null we wil throw NPE no matter what.

      Flow is as follows:

      private void serializefromobject_doConsume_0(org.jetbrains.spark.api.Arity1 serializefromobject_expr_0_0, boolean serializefromobject_exprIsNull_0_0) throws java.io.IOException {
          serializefromobject_doConsume_0(mapelements_value_1, mapelements_isNull_1);
              mapelements_isNull_1 = mapelements_resultIsNull_0;
                  mapelements_resultIsNull_0 = mapelements_exprIsNull_0_0;
                      private void mapelements_doConsume_0(java.lang.Integer mapelements_expr_0_0, boolean mapelements_exprIsNull_0_0) throws java.io.IOException {
                          mapelements_doConsume_0(deserializetoobject_value_0, deserializetoobject_isNull_0);
                              deserializetoobject_resultIsNull_0 = deserializetoobject_exprIsNull_0_0;
                                  private void deserializetoobject_doConsume_0(InternalRow localtablescan_row_0, int deserializetoobject_expr_0_0, boolean deserializetoobject_exprIsNull_0_0) throws java.io.IOException {
                                      deserializetoobject_doConsume_0(localtablescan_row_0, localtablescan_value_0, localtablescan_isNull_0);
                                          boolean localtablescan_isNull_0 = localtablescan_row_0.isNullAt(0);
              mapelements_isNull_1 = true;

      You can find generated code in it's original view and slightly simplified and refacored version here

      I believe that Spark should not behave differently when wholestage codegen is on and off and differences in behavior look like a bug.

      My Spark version is 3.0.0-preview2




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