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Remove most remaining deprecated items since <= 2.2.0 for 3.0



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      Following on https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SPARK-25908 I'd like to propose removing the rest of the items that have been deprecated since <= Spark 2.2.0, before Spark 3.0.

      This appears to be:

      • Remove SQLContext.createExternalTable and Catalog.createExternalTable, deprecated in favor of createTable since 2.2.0, plus tests of deprecated methods
      • Remove HiveContext, deprecated in 2.0.0, in favor of SparkSession.builder.enableHiveSupport
      • Remove deprecated KinesisUtils.createStream methods, plus tests of deprecated methods, deprecate in 2.2.0
      • Remove deprecated MLlib (not Spark ML) linear method support, mostly utility constructors and 'train' methods, and associated docs. This includes methods in LinearRegression, LogisticRegression, Lasso, RidgeRegression. These have been deprecated since 2.0.0
      • Remove deprecated Pyspark MLlib linear method support, including LogisticRegressionWithSGD, LinearRegressionWithSGD, LassoWithSGD
      • Remove 'runs' argument in KMeans.train() method, which has been a no-op since 2.0.0
      • Remove deprecated ChiSqSelector isSorted protected method
      • Remove deprecated 'yarn-cluster' and 'yarn-client' master argument in favor of 'yarn' and deploy mode 'cluster', etc

      But while preparing the change, I found:

      • I was not able to remove deprecated DataFrameReader.json(RDD) in favor of DataFrameReader.json(Dataset); the former was deprecated in 2.2.0, but, it is still needed to support Pyspark's .json() method, which can't use a Dataset.
      • Looks like SQLContext.createExternalTable was not actually deprecated in Pyspark, but, almost certainly was meant to be? Catalog.createExternalTable was.
      • I afterwards noted that the toDegrees, toRadians functions were almost removed fully in SPARK-25908, but Felix suggested keeping just the R version as they hadn't been technically deprecated. I'd like to revisit that. Do we really want the inconsistency? I'm not against reverting it again, but then that implies leaving SQLContext.createExternalTable just in Pyspark too, which seems weird.
      • I kept LogisticRegressionWithSGD, LinearRegressionWithSGD, LassoWithSGD, RidgeRegressionWithSGD in Pyspark, though deprecated, as it is hard to remove them (still used by StreamingLogisticRegressionWithSGD?) and they are not fully removed in Scala. Maybe should not have been deprecated.

      I will open a PR accordingly for more detailed review.


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