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Add commit protocol binding to Hadoop 3.1 PathOutputCommitter mechanism



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.4.0
    • Fix Version/s: 3.0.0
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      Hadoop 3.1 adds a mechanism for job-specific and store-specific committers (MAPREDUCE-6823, MAPREDUCE-6956), and one key implementation, S3A committers, HADOOP-13786

      These committers deliver high-performance output of MR and spark jobs to S3, and offer the key semantics which Spark depends on: no visible output until job commit, a failure of a task at an stage, including partway through task commit, can be handled by executing and committing another task attempt.

      In contrast, the FileOutputFormat commit algorithms on S3 have issues:

      • Awful performance because files are copied by rename
      • FileOutputFormat v1: weak task commit failure recovery semantics as the (v1) expectation: "directory renames are atomic" doesn't hold.
      • S3 metadata eventual consistency can cause rename to miss files or fail entirely (SPARK-15849)

      Note also that FileOutputFormat "v2" commit algorithm doesn't offer any of the commit semantics w.r.t observability of or recovery from task commit failure, on any filesystem.

      The S3A committers address these by way of uploading all data to the destination through multipart uploads, uploads which are only completed in job commit.

      The new PathOutputCommitter factory mechanism allows applications to work with the S3A committers and any other, by adding a plugin mechanism into the MRv2 FileOutputFormat class, where it job config and filesystem configuration options can dynamically choose the output committer.

      Spark can use these with some binding classes to

      1. Add a subclass of HadoopMapReduceCommitProtocol which uses the MRv2 classes and PathOutputCommitterFactory to create the committers.
      2. Add a BindingParquetOutputCommitter extends ParquetOutputCommitter
        to wire up Parquet output even when code requires the committer to be a subclass of ParquetOutputCommitter

      This patch builds on SPARK-23807 for setting up the dependencies.


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