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MLlib 2.4 Roadmap



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.4.0
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      Roadmap process

      This roadmap is a master list for MLlib improvements we are working on during this release. This includes ML-related changes in PySpark and SparkR.

      What is planned for the next release?

      • This roadmap lists issues which at least one Committer has prioritized. See details below in "Instructions for committers."
      • This roadmap only lists larger or more critical issues.

      How can contributors influence this roadmap?

      • If you believe an issue should be in this roadmap, please discuss the issue on JIRA and/or the dev mailing list. Make sure to ping Committers since at least one must agree to shepherd the issue.
      • For general discussions, use this JIRA or the dev mailing list. For specific issues, please comment on those issues or the mailing list.
      • Vote for & watch issues which are important to you.

      Target Version and Priority

      This section describes the meaning of Target Version and Priority.

      Category Target Version Priority Shepherd Put on roadmap? In next release?
      1 next release Blocker must must must
      2 next release Critical must yes, unless small best effort
      3 next release Major must optional best effort
      4 next release Minor optional no maybe
      5 next release Trivial optional no maybe
      6 (empty) (any) yes no maybe
      7 (empty) (any) no no maybe

      The Category in the table above has the following meaning:

      1. A committer has promised to see this issue to completion for the next release. Contributions will receive attention.
      2-3. A committer has promised to see this issue to completion for the next release. Contributions will receive attention. The issue may slip to the next release if development is slower than expected.
      4-5. A committer has promised interest in this issue. Contributions will receive attention. The issue may slip to another release.
      6. A committer has promised interest in this issue and should respond, but no promises are made about priorities or releases.
      7. This issue is open for discussion, but it needs a committer to promise interest to proceed.


      For contributors

      Getting started

      Coordinating on JIRA

      • Never work silently. Let everyone know on the corresponding JIRA page when you start work. This is to avoid duplicate work. For small patches, you do not need to get the JIRA assigned to you to begin work.
      • For medium/large features or features with dependencies, please get assigned first before coding and keep the ETA updated on the JIRA. If there is no activity on the JIRA page for a certain amount of time, the JIRA should be released for other contributors.
      • Do not claim multiple (>3) JIRAs at the same time. Try to finish them one after another.
      • Do not set these fields: Target Version, Fix Version, or Shepherd. Only Committers should set those.

      Writing and reviewing PRs

      • Remember to add the `@Since("VERSION")` annotation to new public APIs.
      • Please review others' PRs (https://spark-prs.appspot.com/#mllib). Code review greatly helps to improve others' code as well as yours.

      For Committers

      Adding to this roadmap

      • You can update the roadmap by (a) adding issues to this list and (b) setting Target Versions. Only Committers may make these changes.
      • If you add an issue to this roadmap or set a Target Version, you must assign yourself or another Committer as Shepherd.
      • This list should be actively managed during the release.
      • If you target a significant item for the next release, please list the item on this roadmap.
      • If you commit to shepherding a new public API, you implicitly commit to shepherding the follow-up issues as well (Python/R APIs, docs).

      Creating JIRA issues

      • Try to break down big features into small and specific JIRA tasks and link them properly.
      • Add a "starter" label to starter tasks.
      • Put a rough time estimate for medium/big features and track the progress.
      • Set Priority carefully. Priority should not be mixed with size of effort for implementation.

      Managing JIRA issues and PRs

      • Please add yourself to the Shepherd field on JIRA if you start reviewing a PR.
      • If the code looks good to you, please comment "LGTM". For non-trivial PRs, please ping a Committer experienced with the relevant code to make a final pass.

      Follow-up issues: After merging a PR, create and link the necessary follow-up JIRAs.

      • For a new Scala/Java API
        • Create issues for adding analogous Python and R APIs
        • Create issues for adding example code and documentation
      • For a new Python/R API
        • Create issues for adding example code and documentation

      Roadmap for this release

      This roadmap only includes larger, more critical tasks targeted at the next release. To find all issues targeted for the next release, use the links listed below.


      • We will prioritize API parity, bug fixes, and improvements over new features.
      • The RDD-based API (`spark.mllib`) is in maintenance mode now. We will accept bug fixes for it, but new features, APIs, and improvements will only be added to the DataFrame-based API (`spark.ml`).

      WIP: This section is still being updated, pending confirmation of the Roadmap Process described above.

      Critical feature parity in DataFrame-based API

      The umbrella JIRA for feature parity is SPARK-4591, though it includes items not targeted for this release.

      Other prioritized issues: links for searching JIRA

      This section provides links to help people identify smaller patches targeted at the next release, as well as patches for major areas within MLlib.

      Long-term roadmap

      This section lists long-term or constant efforts. For example, Python/R API parity with Scala/Java will always be a priority, but we do not promise exact parity with each release.

      Python and R feature parity

      Python feature parity: The main goal of the Python API is to have feature parity with the Scala/Java API. You can find a complete list of open Python MLlib issues here.

      R feature parity: We are building towards feature parity in SparkR as well. You can find a complete list of SparkR MLlib issues here.


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