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UnsafeExternalRowSorter.RowComparator memory leak



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      When we wish to sort within partitions, we produce an UnsafeExternalRowSorter. This contains an UnsafeExternalSorter, which contains the UnsafeExternalRowComparator.

      The UnsafeExternalSorter adds a task completion listener which performs any additional required cleanup. The upshot of this is that we maintain a reference to the UnsafeExternalRowSorter.RowComparator until the end of the task.

      The RowComparator looks like

        private static final class RowComparator extends RecordComparator {
          private final Ordering<InternalRow> ordering;
          private final int numFields;
          private final UnsafeRow row1;
          private final UnsafeRow row2;
          RowComparator(Ordering<InternalRow> ordering, int numFields) {
            this.numFields = numFields;
            this.row1 = new UnsafeRow(numFields);
            this.row2 = new UnsafeRow(numFields);
            this.ordering = ordering;
          public int compare(Object baseObj1, long baseOff1, Object baseObj2, long baseOff2) {
            // TODO: Why are the sizes -1?
            row1.pointTo(baseObj1, baseOff1, -1);
            row2.pointTo(baseObj2, baseOff2, -1);
            return ordering.compare(row1, row2);

      which means that this will contain references to the last baseObjs that were passed in, and without tracking them for purposes of memory allocation.

      We have a job which sorts within partitions and then coalesces partitions - this has a tendency to OOM because of the references to old UnsafeRows that were used during the sorting.

      Attached is a screenshot of a memory dump during a task - our JVM has two executor threads.

      It can be seen that we have 2 references inside of row iterators, and 11 more which are only known in the task completion listener or as part of memory management.


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