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Running a file stream on a directory with partitioned subdirs throw NotSerializableException/StackOverflowError


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0
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      When we create a filestream on a directory that has partitioned subdirs (i.e. dir/x=y/), then ListingFileCatalog.allFiles returns the files in the dir as Seq[String] which internally is a Stream[String]. This is because of this line, where a LinkedHashSet.values.toSeq returns Stream. Then when the FileStreamSource filters this Stream[String] to remove the seen files, it creates a new Stream[String], which has a filter function that has a $outer reference to the FileStreamSource (in Scala 2.10). Trying to serialize this Stream[String] causes NotSerializableException. This will happened even if there is just one file in the dir.

      Its important to note that this behavior is different in Scala 2.11. There is no $outer reference to FileStreamSource, so it does not throw NotSerializableException. However, with a large sequence of files (tested with 10000 files), it throws StackOverflowError. This is because how Stream class is implemented. Its basically like a linked list, and attempting to serialize a long Stream requires recursively going through linked list, thus resulting in StackOverflowError.

      In short, across both Scala 2.10 and 2.11, serialization fails when both the following conditions are true.

      • file stream defined on a partitioned directory
      • directory has 10k+ files

      The right solution is to convert the seq to an array before writing to the log.




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