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PeerSync replay of ADDs older than ourLowThreshold interacting with DBQs to stall new leadership



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      When we are doing rolling restarts of our Solr servers, we are sometimes hitting painfully long times without a shard leader. What happens is that a new leader is elected, but first needs to fully sync old updates before it assumes the leadership role and accepts new updates. The syncing process is taking unusually long because of an interaction between having one of our hourly garbage collection DBQs in the update logs and the replaying of old ADDs. If there is a single DBQ, and 1000 older ADDs that are getting replayed, then the DBQ is replayed 1000 times, instead of once. This itself may be hard to fix. But, the thing that is easier to fix is that most of the ADDs getting replayed shouldn't need to get replayed in the first place, since they are older than ourLowThreshold.

      The problem can be fixed by eliminating or by modifying the way that the "completeList" term is used to effect the PeerSync lists.

      We propose two alternatives to fix this:

      FixA: Based on my possibly incomplete understanding of PeerSync, the completeList term should be eliminated. If updates older than ourLowThreshold need to replayed, then aren't all the prerequisities for PeerSync violated and hence we should fall back to SnapPull? (My gut suspects that a later bug fix to PeerSync fixed whatever issue completeList was trying to deal with.)

      FixB: The patch that added the completeList term mentions that it is needed for the replay of some DELETEs. Well, if that is true and we do need to replay some DELETEs older than ourLowThreshold, then there is still no need to replay any ADDs older than ourLowThreshold, right??


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