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Upgrade Solr to use log4j2 -- log4j 1 now officially end of life

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      The logging services project has officially announced the EOL of log4j 1:


      In the official binary jetty deployment, we use use log4j 1.2 as our final logging destination, so the admin UI has a log watcher that actually uses log4j and java.util.logging classes. That will need to be extended to add log4j2. I think that might be the largest pain point to this upgrade.

      There is some crossover between log4j2 and slf4j. Figuring out exactly which jars need to be in the lib/ext directory will take some research.


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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Erick Erickson
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          Erick Erickson
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          Erick Erickson
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          Erick Erickson
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
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          Varun Thacker
        15. SOLR-7887.patch
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          Varun Thacker
        16. SOLR-7887-eoe-review.patch
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          Erick Erickson
        17. SOLR-7887-eoe-review.patch
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          Erick Erickson
        18. SOLR-7887-fix-maven-compilation.patch
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          Steven Rowe
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          Varun Thacker
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          Keith Laban

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