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Upgrade to Tika 1.7 in 4_10_3 branch

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      I have been trying out SolrCell as an alternative to ingesting around 40M images using Tesseract/OCR and Tika. I noticed in 4.10.3 Tika is pinned to 1.5. In 1.5 Tika and in SolrCell 4.10.3, only about 5600 images of a subset of 50,000 are ingested when I run a series of 50k cURL commands to the extract handler. I had a feeling it has something to do with the fact that some of the characters extracted are oddball characters (4@#@#/ ^^^^) due to Tesseract not always extracting the right text. But then I remembered Tesseract didn't land in Tika until 1.7.

      So regardless, I thought I'd upgrade the 4.10.x branch to Tika 1.7. This is a trivial patch to do so, attached (Tika + compress updates). Now all 50K images on the 50K subset are ingested, but I'm noticing something else weird. Despite the fact that Tesseract is called, and despite the fact that on certain images I can verify text is extracted by running Tesseract from the command line on that file, all I am getting in the "content" field of SolrCell is a bunch of "\n \n \n \n \n \n" text. So the text is extracted, there are weird characters, but they don't make it into Solr. Extremely odd.


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