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Additional resources to the site to help new Solr users ramp up quicker



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      I would like to request the addition of an online training I created for Pluralsight called Getting Started with Enterprise Search using Apache Solr in the following page: http://lucene.apache.org/solr/resources.html

      It is not exactly a video only, it is an online training so no idea if it should be added beneath videos or separately.

      It aims to take a developer with absolutely no knowledge of Solr or even search engines, to take them into being able to create a basic POC style application with Solr in the backend. A few thousand people have watched it and I have received very positive feedback on how it has helped people get started very quickly and reduce the entry level barrier.

      Is this possible? The url of the training is:

      I believe it will help a lot of people get started quicker.

      Here is the full story of how this training came to be:
      A while back I was a Solr total rookie, but I knew I needed it for one of my projects. I had a little bit of a hard time getting started, but I did after a lot of hard work and working with other pretty good Solr developers.

      I then worked and created a system which is doing pretty good now. But I decided that I wanted to create a resource that will help people with absolutely no knowledge of Solr or search engines get started as quickly as possible. And given that I am already a trainer/author at Pluralsight, who focused mainly on Agile development, I thought this was the right place to start helping others.

      And so I did. I have received positive feedback, and given my background as a trainer I have also given it as "Solr for the Uninitiated", also for people with no previous knowledge of Solr.

      It has also been received well to the extent that I have been hired to make it into a book, which I am writing at the moment.




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