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Support deploying SolrCloud on YARN



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      We're seeing Solr running with Hadoop more and more and YARN allows us to deploy and manage distributed applications across a cluster of machines. This feature will provide support for deploying SolrCloud in YARN. Currently, the code is implemented in an open-source project hosted on Lucidworks github, see: https://github.com/LucidWorks/yarn-proto

      We'd like to submit this to the Apache Solr project as a contrib so it is easier to run Solr on YARN right out-of-the-box. There are a few hurdles to get over though:

      1) Overall approach: There are various options for supporting YARN, such as Apache Slider, but I opted to just use the YARN client API directly which simply invokes the bin/solr start script under the covers. The YARN specific code is quite simple and most of the code is just handling command line options/parsing. I'm curious what others think about having a simple native solution that ships with Solr (similar to the HdfsDirectoryFactory) vs. something more heavy-weight that requires 3rd party tools to be involved.

      2) Unit testing - Solr on YARN relies on putting a full Solr bundle into HDFS (which you can see how that might work in the SolrYarnTestIT test case). This obviously has problems in the Solr build as there is no bundle of Solr available during unit testing. I'm thinking about having a mock bundle that simulates starting Solr but that limits what we can verify on the cluster once it's up.

      3) Shutdown - In order to support an orderly shutdown of Solr when the application is stopped by the ResourceManager, we need a shutdown handler in Jetty/Solr that allows a remote application to request shutdown. The built-in Jetty shutdown handler requires the stop request to come from localhost. To work-around this, I've introduced a custom ShutdownHandler that can be configured using System properties at startup to allow a remote host to request shutdown. When YARN starts Solr nodes, I register the address of the SolrMaster node with a secret key that will allow the SolrMaster to shutdown Solr gracefully. This seems secure since only the SolrMaster can request shutdown using the correct key. Other ideas on how to handle graceful shutdown?

      4) Additional features: The current implementation is useful for starting/stopping SolrCloud nodes in YARN. My thinking is that you'll provision the cluster using YARN and then just interact with Solr directly using Solr's API , so the YARN layer is quite thin. Other features needed?




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