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CloudSolrServer can query the wrong replica if a collection has a SolrCore name that matches a collection name.



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    • 4.10, 6.0
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      spin off of SOLR-2894 where sarowe & miller were getting failures from TestCloudPivot that seemed unrelated to any of hte distrib pivot logic itself.

      in particular: adding a call to "waitForThingsToLevelOut" at the start of the test, even before indexing any docs, seemed to work around the problem – but even if all replicas aren't yet up when the test starts, we should either get a failure when adding docs (ie: no replica hosting the target shard) or queries should only be routed to the replicas that are up and fully caught up with the rest of the collection.

      (NOTE: we're specifically talking about a situation where the set of docs in the collection is static during the query request)


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