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Heisenbug in DistribCursorPagingTest: "walk already seen ..."



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      Several times now, Uwe's jenkins has encountered a "walk already seen ..." assertion failure from DistribCursorPagingTest that I've been unable to fathom, let alone reproduce (although sarowe was able to trigger a similar, non-reproducible seed, failure on his machine)

      Using this as a tracking issue to try and make sense of it.

      Summary of things noticed so far:

      • So far only seen on http://jenkins.thetaphi.de & sarowe's mac
      • So far seen on MacOSX and Linux
      • So far seen on branch 4x and trunk
      • So far seen on Java6, Java7, and Java8
      • fails occured in first block of randomized testing:
        • we've indexed a small number of randomized docs
        • we're explicitly looping over every field and sorting in both directions
      • fails were sorting on one of the "*_dv_last" or "*_dv_first" fields (docValues=true, either sortMissingLast=true OR sortMissingFirst=true)
        • for desc sorts, sort on same field asc has worked fine just before this (fields are in arbitrary order, but "asc" always tried before "desc")
        • sorting on some other random fields has sometimes been tried before this and worked

      (specifics of each failure seen in the wild recorded in comments)


        1. jenkins.thetaphi.de_Lucene-Solr-4.x-MacOSX_1200.log.txt
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          Chris M. Hostetter
        2. jenkins.thetaphi.de_Lucene-Solr-4.x-MacOSX_1217.log.txt
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          Chris M. Hostetter
        3. 129.log
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          Steven Rowe
        4. 372.log
          713 kB
          Steven Rowe
        5. SOLR-5652.codec.skip.dv.patch
          6 kB
          Chris M. Hostetter
        6. SOLR-5652.nocommit.patch
          24 kB
          Chris M. Hostetter
        7. SOLR-5652.patch
          24 kB
          Chris M. Hostetter
        8. bin_dv.post-patch.log.txt
          3.01 MB
          Chris M. Hostetter
        9. str_dv.post-patch.log.txt
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          Steven Rowe
        10. SOLR-5652-dont-sort-on-any-dv-fields-when-codec-doesnt-support-missing-dvs.patch
          1 kB
          Steven Rowe

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