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      Tested on macosx 10.4.7, JDK 1.5.0_06


      Patch that implements server-side XSLT transforms of query results.

      The filter is activated by using select/html instead of select/ to run queries, and optionally adding a transform parameter to specify the XSLT transform to use, for example:


      In which case my.xsl should be found in solr/conf/xslt/ with the example configuration. The default transform (solr/conf/xslt/query-to-html.xsl) outputs a simplistic HTML format.

      Performance is suboptimal, as the filter reparses the XML output generated by Solr. Modifying the XMLWriter to output to a ContentHandler would be more efficient, but I didn't have time to go that far.

      The TransformerProvider trivially caches the last Transformer used, could be improved using an LRU cache of several transformers, I haven't checked if Solr's infrastructure contains such an animal already.

      The patch is all new files, except for adding this in web.xml before the first <servlet>:


      <!-- apply the XSLT filter when select/html is used to make queries -->

      I've left the client-side XSLT stuff (stylesheet parameter) as is for the moment.


        1. xslt-filter-files.tar.gz
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          Bertrand Delacretaz
        2. solr-XSLTResponseWriter-files.tar.gz
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          Bertrand Delacretaz
        3. solr-XSLTResponseWriter-20060922.tar.gz
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          Bertrand Delacretaz
        4. solr-XSLTResponseWriter-20061016.tar.gz
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          Bertrand Delacretaz
        5. SOLR-49.diff
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          Hoss Man



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