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Mouse-over info for other nodes in SolrCloud rendering



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      We render a nice graphical view of your current cluster from the URL http://localhost:8983/solr/#/~cloud

      It'd be nice to gather some info about those other nodes without having to visit them. Since you can't right-click to open those nodes in another tab, your only choice now is to duplicate that tab, and then click the link.

      This was mentioned in SOLR-4438 but Stefan Matheis (steffkes) requested that it be broken out into a separate task and detailed a bit more.

      Mouse-Over often indicates a Balloon-help style thing, but another option is to reserve another part of the screen down below that can display node info, and then refresh it as the mouse hovers over various nodes. I'm not sure which is easier nor which is more accessible.

      Sadly some devices don't support Hover, and the click method is already used to take you to that other node. So perhaps it'd be easier to display some type of "" / Info icon that you can specifically click on to see that node's info, without jumping to it.

      Specific items it might be nice to see:
      (generally mirroring what's on default Dashboard screen if you were to visit that node)

      • Start
      • Host
      • CWD
      • Instance
      • Data
      • Index
      • Solr & Lucene version (to help with upgrading, though not sure we need all 4 fields?)


      • JVM meory
      • maybe Physical Memory
      • Some hint about disk stats?

      Args of:
      ... not sure how many.... could get too much, but some would be handy


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