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Highlighting problems with HTMLStripWhitespaceTokenizerFactory



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    • 3.6, 4.0-ALPHA
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      Indexing content that contains HTML markup, causes problems with highlighting if the HTMLStripWhitespaceTokenizerFactory is used (to prevent the tag names from being searchable).

      Example title field:

      <SUP>40</SUP>Ar/<SUP>39</SUP>Ar laserprobe dating of mylonitic fabrics in a polyorogenic terrane of NW Iberia

      Searching for title:fabrics with highlighting on, the highlighted version has the <em> tags in the wrong place - 22 characters to the left of where they should be (i.e. the sum of the lengths of the tags).

      Response from Yonik on the solr-user mailing-list:

      HTMLStripWhitespaceTokenizerFactory works in two phases...
      HTMLStripReader removes the HTML and passes the result to
      WhitespaceTokenizer... at that point, Tokens are generated, but the
      offsets will correspond to the text after HTML removal, not before.

      I did it this way so that HTMLStripReader could go before any
      tokenizer (like StandardTokenizer).

      Can you open a JIRA bug for this? The fix would be a special version
      of HTMLStripReader integrated with a WhitespaceTokenizer to keep
      offsets correct.


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