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Incremental backup attempt fails after a shard split operation has completed



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    • 8.9
    • 9.0, 8.11, 8.10.2
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      I have been attempting to use the incremental backup API on Solr 8.9.0, but while testing in our product we would occasionally get into a state where all subsequent backup attempts would fail. After some triage we found that it was happening to any collection which had undergone a shard split operation. If we did a backup, completed a shard split operation, then attempted another backup, the second backup would fail with a FileNotFound exception relating to the backup id of the second backup as the error message. 

      Steps to reproduce:


      • Create a new collection with no associated backups
      • Run a backup for this collection
      • /admin/collections?action=BACKUP&name=myBackupName&collection=myCollectionName&location=/path/to/my/shared/drive
      • Run a shard split operation
      • /admin/collections?action=SPLITSHARD&collection=name&shard=shardID
      • Attempt another backup


      Expected Outcome:

      • If this operation is being blocked intentionally, then I would expect an informative error message explaining why it failed. Otherwise I would expect the backup to complete successfully.

      Actual Outcome:

      • The backup operation fails with a NoSuchFileException.

      NOTE: In the below exception message the number in the file which isn’t found (in this case zk_backup_1) relates to the backup attempt which is currently being attempted. 

      java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /path/to/my/shared/drive/reproCollectionBackup/reproCollection/zk_backup_1

      I tried a few different workaround attempts, but after going through these steps I wasn’t able to run another backup for the collection.

      Workaround attempt 1:

      • Use the API to delete the backup
      • Used the API to purge unused backup files
      • Restarted Solr
      • Attempted another backup
      • Encountered the same failure

      Workaround attempt 2:

      • Deleted all files in my Solr backup mount location
      • Restarted Solr
      • Attempted another backup
      • Encountered the same failure


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