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Multiple Code Paths for determining "solr home" can return differnet answers



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      While looking into some possible ways to make our tests more closely match "real" solr installs, I realized that we currently have 2 different methods for determining the "solr home" for a node...

      • SolrPaths.locateSolrHome()
        • static method that uses a hueristic that typically results in using System.getProperty("solr.solr.home");
          • NOTE: the result is not stored in any static/final variables
        • this method
      • SolrDispatchFilter
        • starts by checking if an explicit ServletContext attribute is specified
          • falls back to using SolrPaths.locateSolrHome()
        • whatever value is found gets set on CoreContainer

      In a typical Solr install, the "solr.solr.home" system property is set by bin/solr and we get a consistent value for the life of the server instance regardless of code path.

      In tests, we have SolrTestCaseJ4 (and a handful of other places) that calls System.setProperty("solr.solr.home",...) AND in jetty based tests (including MiniSolrCloudCluster based tests) we rely on the ServletContext attribute based approach to have a unique "Solr Home" for each node. (JettySOlrRunner injects the value when wiring up the Server instance)

      This means that:

      • in jetty based test - even if it's a single jetty instance - each of the node's CoreContainer has a unique value of "solr home", but any code paths in solr that directly call SolrPaths.locateSolrHome() will get a consistent value across all nodes (different from the value in the CoreContainer for any node)
      • allthough i don't think it happens now: a test could call System.setProperty("solr.solr.home",...) while a node is running, and potentially get inconsistent behavior from even a  jetty node over time.

      In practice, I don't think that any of this is currently causing "real bugs" in actual solr code; nor do i think we're seeing any "false positives" or "false failures" in tests as a result of this - but it is a big huge land mine just waiting to go off if we step too close, and i think we should recitfy this.


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