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Computing on the language: Streaming Expressions phase II



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      Phase I of Streaming Expressions and Math Expressions is coming to an end. The goal of this phase was to build a superior tool for analyzing and visualizing data. The Visual Guide to Streaming Expressions and Math expressions (https://bitly.com/32srTpA) shows the power of combining a composable streaming and mathematics language with a search engine.

      In Phase II  we will turn this power onto the language itself. This will happen with the following steps:

      a) Streaming Expressions and Math Expressions will become a Stream Source containing information about the language itself. Reference documentation, visualization links, categories and other meta-data will be added to the functions themselves. And stream sources will be developed that stream this information so that it can be operated on by the full power of the language.

      b) A computable, searchable Function Reference Guide will flow from this as the streams of meta-data from the functions are indexed to Solr Cloud collections. The full power of Streaming Expressions and Math Expressions can then be used to visualize, analyze and model the Function Reference Guide.

      c) Complete programs will also become Stream Sources. A parse Stream will parse entire expressions and stream back each function in the expression along with it's meta-data. This allows complex programs to be decomposed and understood easily and indexed into Solr Cloud collections.

      d) Mathematical models in Math Expressions can then be applied to the decomposed expressions that are saved in Solr Cloud indexes to predict the next function a user wants, and recommend alternative functions. The language begins to write itself.





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