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Add DeepRandomStream implementation



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    • Fix Version/s: 8.2
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      Currently the random Streaming Expression performs a conventional distributed search. This involves retrieving the top N docs from each shard and then selecting the top N from all the shards in the aggregator node. This technique eventually bogs down as the number of shards goes up and/or N goes up. 

      Selecting distributed random samples does not actually require this behavior. Instead you can select N/numShards from each shard and simply return all results. This technique will actually get faster as more shards are added instead of slowing down.

      This ticket will allow the random Streaming Expression to use the strategy above when N reaches a certain threshold (ie 10000). 

      The DeepRandomStream class will implement the deep random sampling behavior.

      The random Streaming Expression will switch between the RandomStream and DeepRandomStream depending on N.


      Local testing shows astounding performance on random sampling with the new technique. 

      Selecting a random sample of 250,000 documents with two numeric fields and running a regression analysis on the sample set takes under a second. Attached is a screen shot with the math expression code.





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