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running solr in docker and tomcat in docker



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    • host with 64 GB Ram 6 cores running about 20 development containers in docker ce 18.06.1 


      I have been trying to connect a dockerized instance of solr to a dockerized instance of tomcat

      both servers come up, solr indexes the files shared with tomcat connected to the host tomcat should provide tiles from the search requested search in an httpd server (that is also dockerized) which handles makes the request to solr and get the result from tomcat in the form of text and images.  The logs all three show that the servers come up a search of the core returns data but  a curl returns a 404 error on the solr server  returns following

      Solr process 1 running on port 8983
      INFO - 2018-11-20 17:23:22.572; org.apache.solr.util.configuration.SSLCredentialProviderFactory; Processing SSL Credential Provider chain: env;sysprop

      { "solr_home":"/opt/solr/server/solr", "version":"7.4.0 9060ac689c270b02143f375de0348b7f626adebc - jpountz - 2018-06-18 16:55:13", "startTime":"2018-11-20T15:51:27.013Z", "uptime":"0 days, 1 hours, 31 minutes, 55 seconds", "memory":"95.4 MB (%19.4) of 490.7 MB"}



      But using the url to test http://healthaccounts-solr.boa.com/solr/healthaccounts/select?q=sd500&wt=json  I get 


      nothing which is what the tomcat returns, not sure what I am missing on this connection there is no ssl the path for my healthaccounts data is shared between all 3 services tomcat. solr and apache, all the servers ping and solr should be providing a search but none seems forthcoming lost in this for 3 plus weeks





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