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Ref Guide: redesign Streaming Expression reference pages



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      There are a very large number of streaming expressions and they need some special info design to be more easily accessible. The current way we're presenting them doesn't really work. This issue is to track ideas and POC patches for possible approaches.

      A couple of ideas I have, which may or may not all work together:

      1. Provide a way to filter the list of commands by expression type (would need to figure out the types)
      2. Present the available expressions in smaller sections, similar in UX concept to https://redis.io/commands. On that page, I can see 9-12 commands above "the fold" on my laptop screen, as compared to today when I can see only 1 expression at a time & each expression probably takes more space than necessary. This idea would require figuring out where people go when they click a command to get more information.
        1. One solution for where people go is to put all the commands back in one massive page, but this isn't really ideal
        2. Another solution would be to have an individual .adoc file for each expression and present them all individually.
      3. Some of the Bootstrap.js options may help - collapsing panels or tabs, if properly designed, may make it easier to see an overview of available expressions and get more information if interested.

      I'll post more ideas as I come up with them.

      These ideas focus on the HTML layout of expressions - ideally we come up with a solution for PDF that's better also, but we are much more limited in what we can do there.


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