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Ability to Facet on a Function



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      This is an extension to the JSON facet functionality, to support faceting on a function. I have extended the parsing of json.facet to allow a 4th facet type (function) and you provide a function expression. You can also provide sort, limit and mincount, as it behaves similarly to faceting on a field. Subfacets work as normal - you can nest function facets anywhere you can use other types.

      The output is in the same format as field facets, but with a bucket per distinct value produced by the function. Hence the usage of this is most appropriate for situations where your function only produces a relatively small number of possible values. It's also recommended to have docValues on any field used by the function.

      Our initial use-case for this is with a function that extracts a given part from a date field's value e.g. day of week, or hour of day, where the possible range of output values is very low.

      Still TODO: documentation, unit tests, and possible extensions to support a missing bucket and functional sorting (currently it's only sortable by the bucket label or by volume)

      Example usage:

      { facet : { dayOfWeek : { type : function, f : "chronofield(my_date_field,DAY_OF_WEEK)", sort : "count desc" } } }

      I did some refactoring in the facet parser, to hoist some common code for sort and pagination parsing.


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