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MessageExchange Leak in CXF SE Proxy Per-Request



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2011.01
    • Fix Version/s: 2011.02
    • Component/s: servicemix-cxf-se
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      Fuse ESB 4.3.03


      We have discovered a memory leak with the CXFSE proxy bean, which is causing
      load tests for our Servicemix application to fail over time.

      The issue seems to be related to how CXF org.apache.cxf.endpoint.ClientImpl
      manages something called the "response context". This class copies all
      property values of the caller's message to the response context, including
      the marshalled response. In the case of Servicemix CXFSE, this means that
      the actual JBI MessageExchange is copied to the response context.

      The leak occurs because the client maintains a thread-based map of thread
      to Map<>, which is provided as the response context should the caller
      choose to ask for it. In the case of the CXFSE proxy bean, most use
      cases would never ask, since they are programmatically wired into the
      application. Granted, each invocation of a method on the proxy can
      clear the prior response context, but in our case with many threads
      calling methods across a dozen proxies, soon each client is holding
      onto a message exchange, including the sent and received payload over
      the NMR.

      In our application, we actually create a CxfSeProxyFactoryBean manually
      to create proxies to some of our services within our testing framework.
      For these proxies, I was able to remove some of this leak by adding an
      interceptor to the CXF interceptor chain, very late in the list of
      interceptors, to clear the response context:

      public static class ContextCleanupInterceptor extends AbstractPhaseInterceptor<Message>
      private Client client;

      public ContextCleanupInterceptor( Client client )

      { super( Phase.POST_LOGICAL_ENDING ); this.client = client; }

      public void handleMessage( Message message ) throws Fault

      { client.getResponseContext().clear(); }

      public void handleFault( Message message )
      { client.getResponseContext().clear(); }


      And add this to the proxy. Unfortunately, there is no way to install this interceptor
      decleratively that I know of, since the "client" in this case is constructed by the
      bean and not exposed to spring. Many of our services have <cxfse:proxy> spring bean
      wirings that we cannot intercept in this way.

      Since this is such a major potential problem, I would suggest adding a similar interceptor
      to the client "port" proxy within CxfSeProxyFactoryBean such that the response context
      is cleaned up this way. At the very least, any property values of the response context
      such as "org.apache.servicemix.*" should be removed. I have noticed that both the
      request and response context at times also receive a property called "java.lang.ref.Method",
      holding onto the method being called. This is really bad for the perm gen on redeploy
      of an application, since this can cause prior classes to be leaked on the permanent generation
      in the JVM.


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