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HTL null pointer exception if resource type is not set with sling:resourceType

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    • Scripting HTL Engine 1.0.54-1.4.0
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    • ApacheSling/2.6 (jetty/9.3.22.v20171030, OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 1.8.0_172, Linux 4.16.3-301.fc28.x86_64 amd64)


      I've created a small content three with two pages. Every page have the jcr:primaryType set to "kcs:Page" (a custom type that I've registered into repository).

      Under the "/apps/kcs/Page" i've created some HTL scripts, so now I expect that if I request the page with my browser the scripts are executed using the resource type set in the primaryType of the node; but it doesn't work.

      I've got a Null pointer exception (see stack trace as attachment) that I've find it is caused by the missing of the "sling:resourceType" property.

      Trying with the sling:resourceType property set in the resource, the page works correctly.   Analyzing the issue more in depth I found that the problem is related to the presence of some  "data-sly-include" inside the HTL code that if the "sling:resourceType" is missing it doesn't work.


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