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ResourceMergerService API must allow custom merge paths



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    • Resource Merger 1.0.0
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      From http://sling.markmail.org/thread/3wt33wniwgflmk27

      The ResourceMergerService added by SLING-2986 must have this one central API, where the caller = application defines the merge paths!

      Resource merge(ResourceResolver resolver, String mergeRootPath, String relativePath, String... mergePaths)

      Example values for the use case of the overlay resource provider:
      resolver = based on the current request (user)
      mergeRootPath = /mnt/overlay
      relativePath = <dynamic part>, for example: "projectX/content/ui/toolbar"
      mergePaths = /apps, /libs

      This was in the original patch [1], sadly removed and later added back but completely missing the point.

      Currently it is all tied to the sling search path internally, but this would just be ONE of different options the application might want to chose for it.

      The specific /mnt/overlay ResourcerProvider would take the sling search path and expose resources based on calling the merger service with this as the mergePaths. (Currently there is a single implementation MergedResourceProviderFactory for both ResourceMergerService and the ResourceProvider service).

      This is simply a proper separation of concerns.

      Another application with different merge paths would be to merge resource type hierarchies: use the resource type and its super types. This could allow one to put UI dialogs in the resource types (say at ./dialog) and then be able to extend dialogs in sub resource types using the merger service.

      [1] https://github.com/gknob/sling-resourcemerger/commit/a3e1b78c87e54cd5c32a58627a4de0420229e1f9


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