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Slider commands not in order of relevance



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      The Slider commands are not in order of relevance. Currently they are not in sorted order either, so it would make sense to order them in a fashion which a new end user would interact with. Also, would be good to move the deprecated ones to the bottom.

      This is the proposed order -

      Usage: slider COMMAND [options]
      where COMMAND is one of
      	package                       Install/list/delete application packages and list app instances that use the packages
      	keytab                        Manage a Kerberos keytab file (install, delete, list) in the sub-folder 'keytabs' of the user's Slider base directory
      	build                         Build a Slider cluster specification, but do not start it
      	create                        Create a live Slider application
      	list                          List running Slider applications
      	status                        Get the status of an application
      	registry                      Query the registry of a YARN application
      	client                        Install the application client in the specified directory or obtain a client keystore or truststore
      	flex                          Flex a Slider application
      	diagnostics                   Diagnose the configuration of the running slider application and slider client
      	stop                          Stop a running application
      	start                         Start a stopped application
      	update                        Update template for a Slider application
      	upgrade                       Rolling upgrade/downgrade the application to a newer/previous version
      	destroy                       Destroy a frozen Slider application)
      	exists                        Probe for an application running
      	lookup                        look up a YARN application
      	resolve                       Query the registry of a YARN application
      	kill-container                Kill a container in the application
      	am-suicide                    Tell the Slider Application Master to simulate a process failure by terminating itself
      	install-package               Install application package. Deprecated, use 'package --install'.
      	install-keytab                Install the Kerberos keytab. Deprecated, use 'keytab --install'.
      	version                       Print the Slider version information
      	help                          Print help information
      Most commands print help when invoked without parameters or with --help




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