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Create modules for visual tests / integration tests



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      A set of Swing components is provided in a separated branch, visual-test, for performing some visual checks on Apache SIS calculation results. For example a component is provided for performing a visual validation of the shapes computed by SIS Isolines class. Those validations complete the JUnit tests, but are not included in the module's src/test/java directory because they can not be executed automatically during Maven build; they require human control and validation.

      Those visual tests are not the only tests not included in Maven build. Other tests are the integration tests currently on the SVN directory. Having those tests in different places, potentially far from the main code, increase the risk that they are forgotten.

      Maybe we should create an Apache SIS group of modules named "test" and publish visual and integration tests in that group. However this group will be a little bit special since it is not intended to be published as Maven artifact. They would be for modules for supplementing Apache SIS JUnit tests only.

      Before to create those module, it may be better to wait for migration to JUnit 5 and maybe to Jigsaw modularisation, since it may have an impact on the way we organize tests.


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