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Support spatial referencing by geographic identifiers (ISO 19112)



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      Provide a basic support of ISO 19112:2003 — Spatial referencing by geographic identifiers. Geographic identifiers are location descriptors such as addresses and grid indexes. ISO 19112 describes (among other things) how to map geographic identifiers to spatial coordinates. Some keys classes defined by ISO 19112 are listed below (Apache SIS would not necessarily use exactly the same names):

      • SpatialReferenceSystemUsingGeographicIdentifier
      • Gazetteer
      • LocationType
      • LocationInstance

      The Gazetteer seems the most interesting part for us, since it is the class in charge of converting a geographic identifier to something else (e.g. a geographic coordinate). It seems that Gazetteer could be compared to the MathTransform interface that we already implement in the following package:

      • org.apache.sis.referencing.operation

      but working on geographic identifiers instead than coordinates. For this reason, I propose to put an ISO 19112 implementation in the following package:

      • org.apache.sis.referencing.gazetteer

      I have hesitation about whether such package should be in a separated module (e.g. "sis-referencing-by-identifier") or not, but given that I expect the amount of classes to be small I'm not sure it is worth creating a new module.

      An implementation of Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) is used for experimenting what the API may looks like. Despite its name, MGRS is not used only for military purpose. It is used also as a way to organize Earth Observation data on Amazon S3 cloud storage.

      Note that Apache SIS already have (since the 0.1 version!) a class that seems in the scope of ISO 19112: GeoHashCoder. As part of an ISO 19112 support, we could also refactor GeoHashCoder as another implementation, side-by-side with MilitaryGridReferenceSystem.


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