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Create metadata, CRS and tabular data editors in JavaFX

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      Creates the foundation of a GUI application for Apache SIS based on JavaFX. This application should leverage the functionalities available in Apache SIS 0.8. In particular:

      • Read metadata from files in various formats (currently ISO 19139, GeoTIFF, NetCDF, LANDSAT, GPX, Moving Features)
      • Get Coordinate Reference System from a registry or from GML or WKT definitions and apply coordinate transformations.
      • Show vector data in a tabular format.

      Since SIS does not yet have a renderer engine, we can not yet show maps in the application. However the application should be designed with this goal in mind.

      This project should create a metadata editor showing the ISO 19115 metadata. We should provide a simplified view with only the essential information, and an advanced view showing all information. The information to shown should be customizable. The user should be able to edit the metadata and save them in ISO 19139 format.

      The project should also create the necessary widgets for showing a Coordinate Reference System (CRS) definition and allow the user to edit it. Another widget should use the CRS definitions for applying coordinate operations (map projections) using the existing Apache SIS referencing engine, and show the result in a table with information about accuracy and domain of validity.

      Edit (March 2021): A JavaFX application has been created. It has widget for metadata and vector data, but we still need widget for Coordinate Reference System definitions. See SIS wiki for screenshots.


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