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More logs when "Terminated with fatal signal 11" with CVS



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      Some problems can affect the scm plugin but not other client (dos, eclipse).

      For exemple, a scm config :


      Can crash with mvn scm:checkout :

      [INFO] [scm:checkout {execution: default-cli}]
      [INFO] Removing C:\...\workspace_eclipse\Test\target\ProjectTest
      [INFO] Executing: cmd.exe /X /C "cvs -z3 -f -d :pserver:myUser@myHost:/myDirectory/myProject -q checkout -d ProjectTest myModule"
      [INFO] Working directory: C:\...\workspace_eclipse\Test\target
      [ERROR] Provider message:
      [ERROR] The cvs command failed.
      [ERROR] Command output:
      [ERROR] Terminated with fatal signal 11

      The problem is CVS ... but the cause is very hard to diagnostic.

      In my case, it was a file of 100 Ko (cvs filesystem Unix), there wasn't problem with Eclipse's checkout or CVS bin (dos) checkout (same command as SCM use ... strange).

      But there was some problem of commit on this file under Eclipse.

      It's relativly easy to solve the problem when you have the file ... but to find it, the only way is :

      1. SCM's checkout : signal 11 ... so you have not all files
      2. CVS bin checkout with output saving to have the order of project files
      3. Make a script doing directory comparaison and have the first file who doesn't exist in SCM checkout.

      A CVS bin write log :

      U myProject/myPackage/File1.java
      U myProject/myPackage/File2.java

      For each file, I don't know if this log is displayed before of after getting file, but when scm crash, it would be nice to have the last log line ...

      • If the CVS log is printed before getting file, it's the bad file => nice
      • If the CVS log is printed after getting file, the message could be "Problem getting file after : 'U project/[the precedent file who was ok]'"

      And sorry for my worse english




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