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Implement heart-beat mechanism between JobCoordinator and all running containers



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      Right now, Samza relies on YARN to detect whether a container is alive or not. This has a few problems:
      1) with the effort to make standalone Samza (SAMZA-516) and make Samza more pluggable w/ other distributed cluster management system (like Mesos, Kubernetes), we need to make the container liveness detection independent.
      2) YARN based liveness detection has also created problems w/ leaking containers when NM crashed. It creates a dilemma:

        1. In the case that NM can be restarted quickly, we would like to keep the container alive w/o being affected by NM goes down since that saves ongoing work. yarn.nodemanager.recovery.enabled=true
        2. However, when RM loses the heart beat from NM and determines that the container is "dead", we truly need to make sure to kill the container to avoid duplicate containers being launched, since AM has no other way to know whether the container is actually alive or not.

      If we implement a direct heart beat mechanism between Samza JobCoordinator and SamzaContainer, we can be agnostic to whatever the YARN RM/NM/AM sync status is.

      Possible approaches could be:
      1) Use JobCoordinator HTTP port for heart beat. Pros: simple, synchronous communication. Cons: would potentially be a bottleneck in a job w/ a lot of containers, hard to tune the timeout value
      2) Use CoordinatorStream as the heart beat channel. Pros: use async pub-sub model to avoid timeouts in sync methods, easy to scale to a large number of containers; Cons: protocol is more complex to implement, message/token delivery latency maybe uncertain and make the heart beat process much longer.


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