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Fine-grain control over stream consumption


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.6.0
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      Currently, samza exposes configuration in the form of "streams.%s.consumer.max.bytes.per.sec" for throttling the # of bytes the Task will read from a stream. This is a feature request for programmatic fine-grain control over stream consumption. The use-case is a samza task that will be consuming multiple streams where some streams may be from live systems that have stricter SLA requirements and must always be prioritized over other streams that may be from batch systems. The above configuration is not the ideal way to express this type of stream prioritization because configuring the "batch" streams with a low consumption rate will decrease the overall throughput of the system when there is no data in the "live" streams. Furthermore, we'll want to throttle each "batch" stream based on external signals that can change over time. Because of the dynamic nature of these external signals, we would like to have a programmatic interface that can dynamically change the prioritization as the signal changes.

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